Under this tutorial i will be explaining on how you can easily unlock frp Lock on Samsung Galaxy S8 model number SM_G950F with latest security patch that has got also latest binary that is binary 3 on Oreo.

There is no any Gsm toolthat can unlock Frp in this phone in download mode thus the only way to do this is by adb and there is no easy way to enable adb on this device except by writting Combination since writting only sboot from combination will never enable adb rather than enabling boot loop thus dont waste your time .

Many security holes are fixed thus bypassing frp on this set is a verry hard task and only Gsm experts can manage it and that is the reason today im here writting this tutorial to guide you guys on a very simple trick to unlock Frp on Samsung S8 with Binary 3.

As we both know that we can unlock Frp via combination method by just writting combination and after phone boots up we enable debug and turn Oem unlock on under debug but with this binary there is no option to enable Oem Unlock under developer options after flashing combination and here is where many people got stuck and this is what motivated me to prepare this article for you.





  3. ODIN3 V3.13.1






  1. From the beginning you have to put your G950F in download mode and hope you both know so no need to waste time explaining this
  2. Now extract the Combination file you downloaded earlier
  3. Launch Odin tool and under AP tab load the extracted Combination file
  4. Connect your G950F and make sure com port id is shown and Odin mentions phone as Added
  5. Click Click start and relax for the flashing process to complete
  6. Phone shall now reboot and do notpanic in this stage since first boot can take up to 15 minutes so just relax and let the phone boot up.
  7. After phone boots up completely now you have to go to settings and enable Usb debug. I hope we both know how to do this so i cant take longer explaining.
  8. Now again bootphone to download mode and connect to Odin
  9. This stage is very important part so you need much attention here
  10. In Odin we have to flash only three partitions which are AP, BL and HOME CSC.
  11. Be careful with stage 10 since if you mess up things here then you will not get the results so read it careful again and again
  12. After Loading all the 3 partitions now hit on start and wait for the flashing process to complete and phone to boot up
  13. Phone will boot up with Frp Lock but dont give up because that is just the beginning
  14. Now again boot phone to download mode again
  15. Now you need to rename the AP partition from the firmware and just remove “.md5” and when notification comes up just click on yes. By doing this we need just to change the format from md5 to tar so that we can edit the firmware. Now the AP partition will be in RAR format thus you need to extract it and from inside the folder just remove or delete “userdata.img.lz4”
  16. Now use 7zip to repack the remained partition as AP partition
  17. All the above steps number 15 and 16 are intended to skip flashing userdata from AP partition but if you got tools like Z3X, Chimera, Octopus and others then you can just ignore those two steps and instead you can just untick userdata in files filter.
  18. Now flash the phone with only 3 files which are CSC, BL and modified AP. In stage 10 we flashed HOME_CSC but here we no longer use it and instead we use CSC_OXM_G950FOXM3CRG1.
  19. Wait for the flash process to complete and phone to boot up. Now Frp is gone so you just need to enable Oem Unlock and do the wipe.
  20. Now Enjoy Your G950F.



If you just got stuck anywhere or misfollowed the procedures then just use contact us tab to reach to Us directly for free guide to help you fix it in just minutes.

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