Hi everybody, as we always used to bring you our Gsm friends free solutions and today we are here again with another super solution on how to fix Samsung Galaxy note 7 charging limit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the amazing smartphone in Samsung note series since it has got an amazing look and also perfect features on it. The samsung note 7 was released by samsung in november 2016 and it was highly appreciated by samsung note series users. Later on it was discovered that the manufacturing of batteries on samsung note 7 was mistakenly thus caused overheating and lastly explosion and Samsung decided to call for a return whereby those who bought Note 7 should return them and they were compensated with other samsung Note 7 which their batteries was manufactured from different supplier.

After the exchange call from Samsung and Note 7 users returned their Note 7 for exchange it later on discovered that samething was happening since even exchanged phones also caught fire thus Samsung on October 2016 ceased the production.

After ceasing the production of Samsung Note 7 Samsung called for return of all Note 7 bought thus all Note 7 owners had to take their note 7 to samsung service centers for return. Later on Samsung released OTA Update for all samsung note 7 and the Update was intended to disable charging ability of the Note 7 thus to prevent the battery from heating.

At first the charging was limited to 60% only but later on it limited to 30% only. Later on in 2017 Samsung released refubrished version of Note 7 known as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fans Edition (Note 7 FE).


If your Note 7 has received the kill update from Samsung then its charging ability is limited and once the battery reaches 0% then there is no any way to charge the phone again thus your note 7 is useless, are you satisfied with this?, or are you satisfied with your phone to charge up to only 60% or only 30%?

What if u have your Note 7 then you want to use it but there is no ability to charge it?, i had same issue and i hustled to find a solution thats why today i publish the solution for you guys.

In order to revive your galaxy note 7 you need to disable the kill update and to do that you need to downgrade by flashing the older firmware by release date but the bad thing is that samsung does not allow downgrade after the kill update thus there is no hope for downgrade, the only way to revive the note 7 is through flashing the custom rom and the one known rom for the note 7 that works perfectly with all note 7 features is HYDRA ROM V1.4.5

Before proceeding to this tutorial you have to make sure that your phone has atleast 50% of charge and if your battery is total drained and the phone cant charge it then you need to take out the battery and charge it somewhere and the simplest method is to cut a usb cable and take the power and ground wires and directly connect them to your battery and leave it for sometimes and for your safety do not use note 7 battery instead find another battery that fits on note 7 since note 7 battery overheat and may explode.


Files To Download

  1. Twrp for N930F
  2. Supersu
  3. Rootable Kernel
  4. Hydra Rom V1.4.5




  • At first its neccessary to turn on OEM UNLOCK on your Note 7 under developer options. This is a neccessary stage since we are going to flash custom kernel and also custom recovery thus if Oem is disabled then those custom partitions will be rejected
  • From the very beggining put your Note 7 on download mode then run odin tool latest version
  • Connect your phone using Usb Data Cable and make sure odin detects phone and comport id shown
  • In BL partition load downloaded rootable kernel and flash it, wait for process to complete
  • Again boot phone to download mode and connect to pc and this time from AP partition load TWRP FOR N930F and flash it, wait for process to complete and phone shall reboot to normal
  • Now copy the downloaded SUPERSU and paste it to your Note 7 internal storage or in Sd card
  • Again copy the downloaded HYDRA ROM V1.4.5 and paste it to your Note 7 internal storage or in external sd card and insert that sd card on your Note 7
  • Now boot your note 7 to recovery mode. (hope you know it and if you dont know it then you better stop what you doing)
  • from recovery you can wipe your desired partitions including cache, data, system etc.
  • now scroll to install button and choose the storage that you kept your files either internal storage or external sd card
  • After choosing the storage now start by installing the supersu so that to gain root access butif you dont need root or you have other ways to gain root to your device then skip installing supersu
  • Now install the hydra rom as how you installed supersu from previous step
  • During the installation of hydra rom there many options and i cant tell you which to accept or which options to choose during the process so just read them carefull before choosing or skip any option for the safety and better peformance of your device
  • After flash process complete device will reboot to normal but first boot will take some minutes so do not panic and in some casesĀ  phone may heat but just relax
  • After phone complete boot just complete the setups and start using your Note 7 as before
  • Plug your Note 7 to charger and see the magic as your Note 7 will start charging as before
  • In some cases it will charge slowly but if you face this then you need to use the socalled fast charger so that you experience better results


If you got stuck in any stage then do not hesitate to contact Us for free support. Also if you success reviving your Note 7 and if you enjoy the rom then its better if we together support the developers of this rom



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