Hellow our Gsm friends, today as another day we are here again with a solution to a trending and most boring problem to most mobile technicians or even to  normal mobile users on Itel A series including Itel A11, Itel A12 as well as Itel prime4 and all other itel phones.

The problem is so common on Itel A11 and Itel A12 but the solution is applicable to all itel smartphones as well as Itel tablets. When i first received Itel A12 with a bootloop or was stuck on Itel logo i thought the case was like others wwhereby i thought i could simply fix it by peforming data wipe or by installing new firmware, i then did the wipe but it didnt work so i decided to install new firmware and at first i used Spd upgrade tool buti did not succeed since the tool always gave me an error when it was flashing Nv partition so i changed the tool but i received same error and later on i believed that it was hardware fault.

I then spent much time fixing the issue with hardware methods but none worked for me then i decided to ask a friend of mine from Itel service center and he told me that they gonna fix it for me then i took the phone to them and unbelievably they fixed the set for almost 7 minutes only without disassembling the phone and from there i figured out that the issue was on software and not hardware as i lied myself, i took back my phone and from there i searched all over the internet looking for the solution but i found nothing rather than the boring answers saying that currently there is no solution or others kept telling me that the issue was hardware fault.

After longtime digging i finaly came up with a solution that will fix the issue in less than 5 minutes and today i would like to share the solution with all my gsm friends since i know there many people out there have same problem but they got stuck on dilema and they dont know what to do after trying all posible solution

I will share the solution here but for those who will meet the minimum requirements. First thing that should be well known is that i spent most of my time to find the solution, later on i spent my time to prepare and publish this tutorial for you so here the question comes, do you think its fair enough for you to just come here grabing the solution and go? others will never spend their time reading what is written rather than skipping to download link and they cant even type a word thanks. What you think if you will consider even buying me just a lunch for what i brought here for you? hope it sounds better but for those sunday unlockers they will never appreciate this but that is how it will be going.

Use contact us tab to talk to one of our supporters and let me remind you that the best contact method for faster response is through whatsapp messenger, so reach to Us and we will give you solution to fix your problem but keep in mind that you need to buy me a lunch then solution is yours

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