Hellow gsm friends, today is another day and we bring you simple and free but powerful tool for fixing the most boring problem on samsung android phones.

The tool was developed by GSMDEVZBD  and named it as SAMFIX TOOL PRO as the premium or paid tool but due to many users request they sacrifice the tool and they released a free version for all gsm friends and we are happy to share it with you friends but all the credits shall be aired to them since they made a very hard work and lastly they made it for free for everyone in gsm industry. This tool is first release as version 1.1 but the team has released a new version 1.2 but the new version is premium or paid and no more free and this is due to the fact that they made first release as free so that gsm users to test how powerfull the tool is so that to be convinced to pay for new release

If you have got samsung android smartphone or tablet with unknown baseband then this tool is your perfect solution to fix unknown baseband on your samsung smartphone or tablet.

All you need to do is launching the tool and connecting your samsung smartphone to your computer using Usb data cable whereby the phone shall be connected in adb mode and usb debug  shall be turned on and Mtp is selected as connection mode.

After launching the tool without connecting phone the tool will keep searching for a phone but as soon as you connect your phone the tool shall now indicate that the phone is connected and repair button shall now be active. After repair button became active then you need to press that repair button and wait for the tool to run the whole process untill it tells you fixing done and phone reboots, now disconnect phone and see the magic by checking the baseband onyour samsung phone.


If you find any difficult using the tool just use any contact method of your choice from contact us tab to contact us for 24/7 and free support for all our visitors


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