Hello our Gsm friends!, today is another day and we bring you friends another free tip that will be explaining in full details on how you can simply flash your android smart phone or tablet which has got Mediatek chipset at your home place for totally free. This tutorial can be helpful for those who are interested in making mobile repair specifically flashing and unlock but they have nowhere to start with, also for individuals or normal users can also benefit from this tutorial. Let us say you have your android smartphone or tablet with mediatek chip and your phone needs to be flashed so that to fix some issue and your location has got no technicians who can save you or those who are arround there you do not have trust on them so in such situation what will you do? will you travel hundreds kilometers looking for technicians?, or you will leave the phone and buy the new one? but what if the phone is your favorite and buying new one is somehow expensive? then this tutorial gonna help you in such circumstances.

First thing first, its important if we know what the word flashing means. In some days earlier when i heard the word mobile flashing i was real over confused since i did not know what it was real meaning so i thought that it was the process which involve well complicated programming  skills but after having interest on it and learn how the process is i then realized that its a very simple task and today you will agree with me. Flashing is simply reinstalling the operating system of your smartphone or on your tablet and this can be due to several reasons. Re-installation of an operating system gonna replace the existing operating system and if there is any os related issue so it gonna be fixed.

The reasons for flashing your phone or reinstalling operating system can be due to Updating the versions of operating system on your device, as we both know that mobile phones manufacturers frequently keep updating their operating system versions for several devices whereby the reasons are like updating and improving security level and adding some new features so inorder to update the operating system on your device you will need to update Over The Air (OTA) or you can download the files and install them on your phone using some tools and this we call it flashing, downgrading version of your operating system is another reason for flashing whereby you can revert from let us say android 5 and roll back to 4.4.2 but some other companies will never allow downgrading, also if you smartphone has some issues on its operating system like boot-loop, some apps do not work propely, some apps keep crashing, unfortunatelly certain app has stopped working and many alike then this indicates that the set needs to be flashed though you can try reset the phone to its factory settings and this can save you.

Remember that, this tutorial is only for Mediatek Android phones and not any other since this wont work on different chip, yet another question come whereby someone may ask himself that how can i know if my phone has got mediatek chip or not? there are popular mobile phones manufacturers which use mediatek chipset and these include Tecno, Zte, Vodafone, Huawei, Itel, Obi, Infinix, Mobicel, Lenovo and many other chinese based phones. Remember that, not all mentioned brands above shall have Mediatek chipset since same brand can have two or three chipsets used on their phones like huawei with spreadtrum chip, huawei with qualcom chip, huawei with hisilicon chip, huawei with mediatek chip so do not claim the brands.

How to determine mediatek chip on android is another question but the answer is very simple. Just power off your smartphone or tablet, plug usb data cable on your Pc, now take your powered off Smartphone or Tablet and plug it to usb data cable and check the drivers that be being installed or plug the set while pressing and holding volume down key and check drivers. If your set has got mediatek chip then you shall see mt65xx preloader whereby mt stands for mediatek and 65xx is a boot series for that mediatek chip and do not complicate anything so let it as it is but what to note is that you have got mediatek set so you can flash it by following this tutorial.

Some mediatek devices has got improved security so you can not flash them using this tutorial and those devices and their improved security is termed as secureboot. Some manufacturers make mediatek devices but they improve the security so that to differentiate themselves from other mediatek devices and for example huawei has got many many mediatek smartphones but most latest mediatek huawei has got secureboot system so that you can only service them using some advanced tools or you shall have its customized boot and there you can service on other tools. This concept of secure-boot is not real necessary in our tutorial so just forget about it and let us go digging our project.


  1. You need to have Personal computer wether a Laptop or Desktop
  2. Good working Usb Data cable
  3. Your mediatek smartphone or tablet
  4. Stable Internet connection


  1. From the very beginning download Mediatek Usb Drivers
  2. Extract the downloaded drivers on your desktop. Use winrar/winzip/7zip to extract those drivers
  3. Install drivers according to your Windows Version, if you have Win7 then choose Win7 and if you have got Win8/10 simply choose Win8 and choose proper bit as per your Pc. These drivers  are necessary for establishing connection between your smartphone/tablet with your Pc
  4. After installing your drivers now download Android Mtk Flah Tool
  5. Again extract the tool on your desktop
  6. Download the firmware for your device From Here use search button
  7. After downloading the firmware for your device then extract it on your desktop
  8. Now open the folder were you extracted flash tool and run flash tool exe/application
  9. Now the tool shall be launched, do not change any value
  10. Click on scatter-loading file
  11. Scroll to the folder you extracted firmware file and choose the scatter file inside
  12. Power off your smartphone/tablet
  13. Click download from the tool
  14. Now plug your powered off smartphone/tablet to your Pc using Usb Data cable
  15. If connection is successful then the flashing process shall start in no time but if connection failed then the phone will start charging
  16. If connection not successful done just unplug phone, repeat process and now connect phone while pressing volume down key
  17. Wait for the process to complete and green icon shall appear saying DOWNLOAD OK
  18. Now you can unplug the phone and power on it
  19. Wait for some minutes since first boot always takes longer and first set stuck at boot logo then perform factory data reset from recovery
  20. Now your set is good and you fixed your issues
  21. ENJOY

If you have found this tutorial helpful by any means then just let us know by writing something and if you faced any difficulties just talk to us then we will be there for you for totally free. Use any contact method as you desire from contact us tab

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