SM T315



  1. From the very beggining download baseband fix file from This Link
  2. Download Odin Latest version from This Link
  3. Extract Odin on your desktop
  4. Extract downloaded firmware on your desktop
  5. Run Odin from your desktop
  6. Click BL on Odin then scroll to extracted firmware folder and select BL_T315XXUBNH2_2437773_REV01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  7. Click AP on Odin then scroll to firmware folder and select  AP_T315XXUBNH2_2437773_REV01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  8. Click CP on Odin then scroll to firmware folder and select CP_T315XXUBNE5_1815092_REV01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  9. Click CSC on Odin then scroll to firmware folder and select CSC_OJV_T315OJVBNH1_2437773_REV01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  10. Now boot your T315 to download mode
  11. Press and hold VOLUME DOWN, HOME and POWER buttons and when screen powers up release power button while keep holding the rest
  12. Now press volume up to continue to download mode
  13. Connect your T315 to your Pc using usb data cable
  14. ID:COM shall now turn blue and show port number at the top left of odin tool whereby this indicates that the phone is properly connected
  15. Now word ADDED shall appear at the bottom of Odin Log
  16. Now click START from the bottom of Odin
  17. Wait some minutes for the flashing process to complete
  18. After success flashing the phone will auto format the data and start boot up
  19. First boot takes some time so dont be scared just leave the phone until boot complete
  20. Now complete the initial setups
  21. Now you are good to go since UNKNOWN BASEBAND is gone and you have your BASEBAND back
  22. In some cases though its rarely occur, you will need to repair your imei to original found under the battery on sticker since some phones after fixing BASEBAND they may come up with corrupted imei looks like 0004987021 but not so common
  23. ENJOY

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