Hellow everyone out there!, what we do always is sharing solutions with you our  Gsm friends and today we are here again with super dupper  solution on how to Fix no service problem on Itel A12

The problem of no service is so common in most spreadtrum phones and if you are a good technician or a mobile repair person then you shall agree with me on this fact

On this issue, simcards are well detected by the phone but the only problem is that signals are not coming on your set or your set has no ability to receive signals from service provider thus no service

When i faced this problem at first long time ago i almost went crazy looking for solution all over the internet but found nothing helpful to solve my proble. Itried almost all possible solutions but i found nothing. I did repair imei but no lucky, i opened the phone and replaced the network antenna but no lucky, i heated the network IC but nothing changed, I did a factory reset but nothing changed and i lastly flashed new rom on the phone and nothing changed and from there i lost hope from there and i left the phone with no solution.

After all those i passed through so i found myself motivated to share a free solution here with you all our friends so that no one will ever face same thing again as how happened to me way back

Some technicians will tell that the problem is hardware based but that is not true, other will tell you to check imei of your phone and repair them but no need to waste your time because that aint the solution so aint gonna fix your problem, others will go further and tell you to change network antenna and others will tell you to replace network IC but trust me that i did all those i mentioned but nothing saved me  and what im gonna share today here is a real and tested solution and after solving your issue you gonna agree with me


  1. Download Research download tool from This Link
  2. Extract the tool on your desktop
  3. From the extracted folder run UpgradeDownload
  4. Download Firmware from This Link
  5. Load the firmware on Research download tool
  6. Power off your Itel A12
  7. Click start on Research download tool
  8. Press and hold volume down and volume up on your Itel A12
  9. Now plug your Itel A12 to your Pc using usb data cable
  10. Flashing process shall now start, wait for the process to end
  11. Now unplug your phone and wait for boot to complete, be patient since first boot may take up to 15 minutes in some slow phones
  12. Complete initial setup and wait few seconds before your phone will have full signals
  13. ENJOY



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28 thoughts on “ITEL A12 NO SERVICE SOLUTION 100% WORKING”

    1. its NO SERVICE or EMERGRNCY CALLS?, if you are in no service error then post build number of ur itel A12 right here or direct contact our team via whatsapp for faster response, use contact us tab

  1. After many trials i finally made it, my problem was the driver which was unsigned so i disabled it so that the device to be detected in DM. Thank you so much GsmTz u’re doing a great job. Rspct

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