Hellow our Gsm friends, as usually today once again we bring to you a free tutorial on how you can get rid off the boring factory mode on your Samsung android smartphone or Tablet

Before we start discussing the solution to fix this boring factory mode notification its better if we know the reason which causes this factory mode notification to stuck infront of phone’s screen

Factory mode infront of your samsung screen is caused by a damaged EFS partition on your phone and this can be due to wrong firmware update or wrong efs write on your samsung device

Once i faced this issue of factory mode in a first time on my samsung galaxy S3 i almost went crazy since i did lots but nothing worked till i found this simple trick that saved me. I did a factory reset but nothing changed, i flashed the phone with stock firmware but factory mode was still there and i almost gave up.

I know many people out there have same issue and that is what motivated me today to write this tutorial for you friends simply because i dont want you to face what i faced at first.


  1. Download ES FILE EXPLORER from This Link
  2. Install the APK file on the phone with factory mode
  3. Run ES FILE EXPLORER on the phone
  4. Press the icon at the top left corner of ES FILE EXPLORER
  5. Then click on TOOLS
  6. Now select ROOT EXPLORER
  7. Under root explorer click LOCAL>DEVICE>EFS>FACTORY APP then open factory mode as TEXT in ES NOTE EDITORĀ  and turn it on
  8. Open KEYSTR in ES NOTE EDITOR as text and turn it ON then save.
  9. Reboot your phone now
  10. See magic, Factory mode gone and your phone’s scree is clean now
  11. ENJOY.

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