Hellow everybody!, today is another day and as usually we bring you our gsm friends a new tip on how you can easily repair imei on your feature phone/Non-android phone with Spreadtrum chipset by using a very simple and small in size but very wonderful tool for totally free .

Imei repair on spreadtrum phones is one of the most boring if not hardest task to some mobile technicians especially those with no professional tools or flash box but today im telling you that imei repair on spd chip is very very simplest task and we gonna share with you a free solution here

This solution works with all non-android spreadtrum phones including the following

  1. SPD6600
  2. SPD6800
  3. SPD6226
  4. SPD8800
  5. SPD8810
  6. SPD6820
  7. SPD6825
  8. SPD8825
  9. SPD6500
  10. SPD6530
  11. SPD6531

To repair imei on your spd feature phone you only need very few things which are

  1. Your spreadtrum feature phone
  2. Usb data cable
  3. Spreadtrum imei tool


  1. Download spd imei tool from Here
  2. Extract the downloaded tool on your desktop
  3. Open the folder on your desktop
  4. Inside the folder, launch WriteIMEI exe
  5. On the port type just leave as USB
  6. Click on MODE SELECT and make it CALIBRATION MODE and click SELECT
  7. The tool is set to write dual imei by default so if your phone has got more imei then just click SET and then tick IMEI 3 and IMEI 4 and then click SAVE
  8. In each imei tab you can choose wether to insert imei manually, to generate imei auto by tool itself or to use auto increase but better choice for you is input imei manually
  9. If your phone has got dual or many imei and you want to use same imei on both imeiĀ  then click on SET and tick on SAME IMEI (IMEI1=IMEI2=IMEI3=IMEI4) and click SAVE
  10. Input imei number you wish to write to your phone on the blank imei tabs
  11. Now take your usb data cable and peel off the outer layer of your usb cable so that to get the wires inside
  12. Usually a usb cable has got four (4) wires which commonly are White, Green, Black and Red wires
  13. Cut the Red wire on your usb data cable so that to avoid the usb cable to carry some voltage from your computer to your phone since it will make your phone start charging.Red wire is the only wire on usb data cable which transfers voltages while green and white wires transfer data between computer and your phone
  14. Now you have three (3) wires on your usb data cable
  15. Plug your usb data cable to your computer
  16. Power on your phone and connect it to your usb data cable which is connected to your computer
  17. Some phones may need to install neccessary drivers but not all so you will check
  18. Now remove the battery from your phone while usb data cable is still connected and wait for the phone’s screen to turn off
  19. After filling imei numbers you wish to write on your phone now click WRITE at the top right corner of the tool
  20. The tool will now tell you PLEASE POWERED PHONE IN 30 SECONDS
  21. Now you have to insert battery on your phone and do not press any key and leave the phone itself
  22. If your phone is properly connected, the tool will now tell you that PHONE IS CONNECTED WAIT FOR THE NEXT STEP
  23. Just stay cool and do not touch the phone
  24. After success results, the tool will tell you write imei success
  25. Unplug your phone, power on it and check your imei
  26. Now you have successful repair imei on your spreadtrum feature phone
  27. You can now reconnect the red wire we cut on your usb dataa cable for other uses which need power


If you got stuck anywhere on this tutorial just feel free to reach and talk to us and we will help you for totally free since we offer 24/7 free support to our visitors.


      1. Thanks so much mr, i have tried and succeded. But if i repeating i don’t get the same result, thus i need an addition of explanation if any about the time required to re-insert the battery to allow the repairing proceed

  1. I got success but i only succeeded as the time to re-insert the battery i also disconnected usb from phone and reconnected . I did that after many trials and failure hence succeeded

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