Hellow friends!, as we previously provided imei solution on Spreadtrum feature phones and this time again we have prepared this article to give all of our gsm friends a free imei solution on Spreadtrum android phones

As many people claim that spreadtrum is the most hard to service chipset so we will be providing many tutorial on how to service this chip for totally free since we have provided tutorial on how to determine this chip, tutorial on how to clear frp on this chipset and now we are back with imei repair solution

This solution is only for Spreadtrum android smartphones and tablets only and if you have got a non android spd phone then we have already posted imei solution for your case.

The solution supports all spd android phones regardless their brands or manufacturer’s names, supported Cpu are

  1. SPD SC7710
  2. SPD SC7715
  3. SPD SC7720
  4. SPD SC7730
  5. SPD SC7731





  1. Spreadtrum android phone
  2. Usb data cable
  3. Spreadtrum android imei tool


  1. Download Spreadtrum android imei tool from This Link
  2. Extract the tool after download on your desktop
  3. Inside downloaded folder open Spreadtrum_IMEI exe
  4. On the PORT setting make sure its USB
  5. Choose imei type. If you want to write same imei on imei one and two then keep IMEI1=IMEI2 and if you want different imei on slot one and two then keep IMEI1&IMEI2
  6. Now fill imei numbers on the empty fields
  7. Now power on your phone, enable usb debug and connect to Pc using usb data cable and let necessary  drivers to be installed
  8. After all necessary drivers to be well installed now unplug phone from your Pc
  9. Power off your phone
  10. Click START on the tool
  11. Now the tool will tell you PLEASE CONNECT PHONE
  12. Connect your powered off phone without holding any key
  13. If phone start charging reprat procedure and now connect phone while pressing and holding volume down key
  14. If fail to be detected again repeat procedure and now connect phone while holding both volume up and volume down keys
  15. After successful connection the tool will tell you WRITING IMEI
  17. You have successfully repaired imei on your Spreadtrum android phone
  18. If you got error on connecting your phone then you can use this trick

Connect your phone to your Pc using usb data cablbe and wait for drivers to be installed, now do not disconnect the phone but remove battery from phone and keep phone connected without battery, fill your imei numbers on empty fields and click on START. When the tool tells you PLEASE CONNECT PHONE now do insert battery on your phone without pressing any key and wait for imei repair process to complete and enjoy.

If you got any issue relating imei repair on your Spd android phone or any other issue just feel free to contact us for free support. Use contact us tab


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