This tool Works only with Mediatek phone, both android as well as feature phones


  1. Read flash from phone
  2. Write flash to phone
  3. Format phone
  4. Read phone’s password


  1. Read phone’s information including extended info via adb and flash mode (usb)
  2. Format phone
  3. temporary root via adb mode and flash mode (usb)
  4. Read flash from phone
  5. read factory files
  6. Read and write NV
  7. Clear screenlocks via adb and flash mode (usb)
  8. Write flash to phone
  9. Write factory files
  10. Read pattern lock
  11. reset theft lock
  12. reset/clear frp
  13. Unlock bootloader via fastboot mode
  14. Repair imei via adb and flash mode/usb
  15. Clear viruses from phone via adb and flash mode/usb

Download link

Remember that most adb operations require usb debug enabled and others require rooted phone. You can simply temporary root your phone using root option from tool itself and service it.

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